Travel report Japan – Day 1 – Nagasaki

Hihi I just realised this first Japan travel blog is called Nagasaki, but we have just arrived so there is not that much to tell. It was a long trip; first a 11 hour flight to Hong Kong, then four hours waiting for the flight to Fukuoka that took four hours, then meeting the group that we travel with. Then we had to take a bus and a metro, before we were finally there: the train station, for another two hours of travel before we arrived in Nagasaki.

The trip overall was good, very happy to eat veggie as I got my food first on the plane, hihi yeah. It was good, we flew Cathey Pacific which is an amazing airline. My mom, dad and I were sitting nextto eachother so all was good. And I saw five movies! 🙂 Southside with You, Girl Asleep, The Edge of Seventeen, Singing in the Rain and one that I am totally forgetting right now, how mean. Anyway, it was good to be able to watch so many flicks, and on the way back there are many Oscar contenders on the entertainment system so I already have a list for it! 😉

Anyway, Japan is already amazing. I feel like planning my next trip right now. The people are cute and handsome and humble. I feel like a total giant, which is how I usually feel in the Netherlands and of course here it is even worse. It’s okay though, they do not stare at me that much, hihi, just the little kids, but they are the cutest ever so they may stare as much as they’d like 😉

We went by train and indeed that is just as streamlined and well organised as all the travel guides suggest. I am so excited about being here, it has been 13 years in the making and now I’m here. I still dream about living abroad some day and Japan is definitely a place I would consider. Everything is so well organised, the people are great, the country is beautiful and I am very much enjoying myself.

This evening we are staying at Hotel Cuore, which is next to Nagasaki train station. We had some dinner next to the station, at a place where they did not have any vegetarian ramen unfortunately, which is why I ate fries. Not the healthiest, but I am pretty sure the rest of the trip will be a lot more healthy. I already bought some Japanese candy, that I will probably write a seperate blog about.

I can’t tell in words how ecstatic I am about being here. It is not just that I am in Japan; it is just being on holiday for the first time in 13 months, having gone through a lot of shit over time, and finally have some time to do some soul searching. I really notice that I am a bit emotional since I am here, but that could also be the long travel and the snoozing of course. To be continued 😉


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