Not convincing – Kong: Skull Island

When I heard there was going to be a new King Kong movie, I wasn’t really impressed. The one with Jack Black seems yesterday, and the story is so oldschool, plus there is a Rampage movie coming up, so it feels a bit too much.

However, as Tom Hiddleston was in it, I knew I wanted to watch it. Plus there was a big marketing canon shooting at us the whole time, and for some reason that does make me want to watch it more, he he. I am a slave to the commercial noise of the world. Anyway, the movie is made by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is most famous for Funny or Die and Mash Up. A pretty new guy to the business of big movies.

For a new guy I definitely think he did not do a bad job, but the movie itself was simply too unbelievable. It was of course in general not very convincing that on some remote island there would be a giant ape, but I mean the things that happened in the movie. What about those skull creatures? How about the military boss (haha general I mean) that was so stuck on getting one person? It all did not make a lot of sense. And the characters were all so flat, I did not appreciate it very much.

I did like the monkey a lot. As any woman I got a soft spot for Kong, and it really hurt me that he was attacked, hihi. I am such a sucker for animals in movies… Would I recommend Kong? Definitely not, but I am not unhappy that I saw it. It was a good choice cause I did not want to miss it, but I would never like to see it again, thank you. 😉


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