I finally told my parents about my tattoos

When I got my tattoos done last year (the pineapple and the cat), I did not tell my parents. I know they really hate the bigger ones and I thought, they’ll see them when they’ll see them. Especially cause I was going through some stuff, I did not want this to weigh on the situation. Then in January I had the Millennium Falcon done, and I knew it would only be a matter of very little time before they would get to know my new pieces.

As we are going on a holiday soon, I decided to tell them over a family dinner. It was a good choice, cause they were not even that disappointed. Or well, they told me they were, but I know it is not as bad as I predicted in my bad dreams. Yes, I had multiple bad dreams about it, hihi. They were not thrilled, definitely not, but they said: it is your body. And it is, and I am happy this weight is off my shoulders now, no more secrets, no more lies, I hate lies so much, glad I got rid of all of them now.

Anyway, something very funny happened. So two days after I told them about my new ink, my dad texted us a photo saying “Bucketlist item: done!”. It was a photo of a back of a man with the eye of Horus, an Egyption sign for wealth, protection and power. At first I thought he was kidding: he did not look like the man on the photo, he did not tell me about it before (well, I knew he wanted to get this tattoo done on his back, but he always came up with lame excuses πŸ˜‰ like: no I can’t get a tatt now, I want to go swimming this week) and I knew we were going to fly away soon and that seemed uncomfy. Plus, I did some horrible 1 April jokes on him, so I assumed this was one back, finally redemption for this man.

I thought I was outsmarting him by telling him that I knew it was not real, but then my mom confirmed that yes it was real. Unfortunately my dad just went to a random place, paid way too little and now has a tattoo that is not filled up very well, so I will definitely take a picture to show him the difference, hihi.

On the other hand though, I think it is pretty cool that he finally did it, even though my mom is not too fond of it. He really wanted it for quite a while, and I like to think that I inspired him to do it πŸ˜‰

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