The end of Ballers season 2 was awful

Whenever I get HBO for a while, there are a few things I will do: 1. Watch a new show. 2. Watch Girls. 3. Watch Game of Thrones. 4 Watch The Leftovers. 5. Watch Ballers. Well, as I am still waiting of Game of Thrones and The Leftovers, I whave watched Ballers. Last year I checked the first season, and now I have watched the full second season in one evening.

That is not hard to do: an episode is about 30 minutes and there are only 10 of them. Which is unfortunate, cause it is just a very easy show to watch. You do not even have to pay attention the full time, you can just check it out while doing something else, like packing your suitcase for a holiday for example 😉

The reason I really like it is because of The Rock, I love the character he plays, he is a fascinating man to look at, and he is a great actor. I really feel that he worked so hard to get where he is at, it is great to see him get there. The second reason I love Ballers is that it shows a bit of American culture that we Dutchies do not really see often. American Football is not a thing here, and it is cool to see everything about that sport, without ever seeing the sport itself, hihi. It is insane how they are able to make a show about American football, without ever have a scene in an actual stadium, hihi.

It is very much over the top obviously, but it is so much fun. It is a bit like Empire: that hip hoppy vibe, crazy parties, lots of drama. Only Ballers also has a lot of comedy in it. The same goes for the second season of Ballers, which is highly entertaining, filled with jokes, politics, beautiful people and The Rock 😉

The last episode though, of this second season.. I dunno, I found it was very different from the rest, which were a bit vague. I am not sure I like the outcome though.. Thankfully Ballers is renewed for a third season, so let’s see if that is a bit more straightforward right from the start.

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