Bucketlist: Get a henna tattoo

When I was little I already knew I wanted to get a tattoo. Thankfully I have very smart parents who would tell me: “Not under my roof” and “you can do that when you are 18!” though my dad did go to the parlor with me when I was 17. Anyway, when I was about 8 years old my parents took us on a family trip to the United States, which was absolutely amazing. Though I was little and I do not remember everything about it, I remember it was really great. We travelled to Washington, Boston, New York, Woodstock, and a few places in Canada and other US cities that I forgot.

In Washington there was this place near the memorial grounds where you could get a henna tattoo. I had never heard of it before, but my dad was like: so you wanted a tattoo right? Let’s get you a henna tattoo! I was totally obsessed with yin yan at the time: I wore a yin yan necklace and I was very interested in the meaning behind it. So my henna tattoo was a yin yan, a very tiny one. I think it was on my arm. Unfortunately I have no pics of it…

I was so happy with it, I think henna is very cool anyway. The whole trip I was afraid when I would go swimming, cause it would come off quicker then. Now I understand people often get rashes or wounds when they have henna, but I am glad I did not. Though I really like it, I am happy with my permanent tattoos now though. The henna is cute but it takes time to get it done, and then it fades away in a few weeks. What I would still like to get is a henna tattoo on my hand, it seems so beautiful the way they do it in India for example. Ah, who knows? 😉

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