Review – Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

There is a bit of a mystery going on here, cause in the Christmas sale at Lush I bought this knot wrap of a reindeer that included two bath bombs. One I can’t remember, and this one: Butterball. But somehow I cannot find anyone online writing about that reindeer knot wrap, as it if never existed! Very odd. Anyway, I would like to discuss the Lush Butterball Bath Bomb, which is a bit of a tiny bath bomb.

And to be honest, to me it was a bit underwhelming too. Oh wait! I just found which one it is: it is called the Rudy gift set and besides Butterball there was the Shoot for the Stars one in there. I looove Shoot for the Stars. It’s colors make me so happy. Again, Butterball: not so much. It is small, it does not have a very strong scent and it is simply not surprising when you put it in your bath. It just makes your bath look a bit milky, and the brown flakey kinda things float around in your bath, making it look a bit greasy.

The bath ball is meant to help people with dry skin, as there is cocoa butter in it. Usually I am a big fan of cocoa butter, but mainly for eating in combination with cocoa 😉 I feel like now I had just made my bath tub dirty, without really enjoying the bath ball. What I do like about Butterball is that it is made with synthetic musk, meaning no animals were hurt. But on the other hand, you do not really smell it, so yeah, why bother. The scent is vanilla, the experience is vanilla and the bath bomb is pretty small: I was disappointed, dear Lushies. 😦

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