Westworld is blowing my mind right now

Oh my gawd. I will try to write this blog with no spoilers, but I really can’t keep my word on that. I have just watched the whole first season of Westworld (okay, it took me a few days) and it has blown my freaking mind, people! At first the show takes its sweet time to indulge you in the western world that is portrayed in this first season (which is a pity by the way, cause the movie had so many interesting places), but the last few episodes, dayum: it is on!

I am glad they did it this way though. It gives you time to comprehend what you are actually watching, while it also makes you feel even more WTF when the truth is revealed and insane stuff happens. Do not worry, I will not spoil anything. But I must say: the truth is so complicated and odd, I really had to think for a second:  how do I feel about this person actually being this, and what does it actually mean? I often wonder what things actually mean, like: so this is now revealed, but how I am supposed to react to it? What does this actually entail for the other people, for the story, et cetera. Makes me feel pretty dumb too!

In this case though, I loved every minute of it. The story in Westworld is on many levels pretty believable. Plus, I like the atmosphere in the series. The Westworld take on famous songs, the very atmospheric surroundings, it really is a high quality show. A friend told me that Humans is supposed to be even better, so I am very interested in that one too. Apparently the androids are more lifelike in that show. When I have watched that, I will probably update you here. For now, I am just gonna try to get my head around Westworld. What the?!

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