Bye Girls, I will miss you

The last ten years there have been so many amazing tv shows, that often I have changed my mind about what my favorite tv show ever was. This time I am pretty sure it cannot be topped though: Girls is truly amazing. I am so sad to see it end after six seasons, but I am also thrilled it lasted pretty long. Every sentence, every moment, every person in the show is awesome. Lena Dunham is a genius. I love her.

For example in the first episode of the sixth season, she gets out of bed after a drunken night with a guy, and she just says: “Hmm, I don’t remember much of last night, but I don’t feel violated.” There are so many things she says that other people just think, and the way in which she says them, it is simply amazing. I wish I had like 1 percent of the talent Lena Dunham has, and I wish I had like 1 percent of her confidence.

Thankfully we are still a few episodes away from the ending, so I can still write this kinda happily. I am of course afraid that the ending will not be as strongly written as the rest, but one the one hand part of me thinks Lena might have a trick up her sleeve and part of me things: it was sooo perfect all this time, if it is just a happy ending I would be pretty stoked. It does not really matter at this point anyway, Girls is a series that should win all Emmy’s, and I am definitely going to watch all the episodes all over again, and again, and again. It is genius.


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