Tory Lanez climbed all over Paradiso

I will probably need to change the hobbies on my resume, cause one of them definitely is going to concerts of Canadian hip hop artists. After The Weeknd and Drake, tonight I went to see Tory Lanez in Paradiso, Amsterdam. I haven’t been familair with his music for very long, and I do not really enjoy all the skits on his album, but the songs on it are great!

I did not expect the concert to be very good, cause when you listen to his music it sounds very, well, far away from being live. However, I was proven wrong again! Just like Drake Tory Lanez has the ability to change from a sweet RnB voice to a rough rap yell. Of course Drake does it a little better than Tory, but Tory has to do it quicker.

Anyway, the guest artist was Towkio, which I thought was hilarious. He had an adorable dj with him, and together they were just having a party on stage, dancing together, feeling the music, it was pretty nice to watch. I did not love the music though. It was a bit too much party, and you know me! 😉

When Tory took the stage he immediatly connected to the audience in a way that I have never seen at any concert ever before. It was really amazing how he made a huge venue like Paradiso feel super intimate. He crowdsurfed all over the place and at the end he even climed from the ground floor to the balcony, and again from the balcony onto the upper balcony. I mean, he is a lean guy (he took his shirt off after five minutes on stage 😉 ), but the way he was climbing that room, all that energy, it was insane.

He was just walking within the audience without bringing any bodyguards or something with him, he was really cool with people and it was insane to watch it all. He must be so confident for doing things that way. It was a pleasure to hear him and watch him, and to be in the audience that was super fired up. The atmosphere within the audience was excellent too, very friendly guys around me, whenever someone wanted to pass by with drinks they would just say sorry, or put their hand on my shoulder. Very lovely.

As a venue I really love Paradiso, now that I have been there a few times, I can’t believe why I always went to Melkweg instead. I mean, Melkweg offers a bit more rock and metal, so it is logical I used to go there, but there must have been many concerts I would have loved to see in Paradiso, but their website is very annoying and I was just not feeling it before. Odd, cause now I love it. And not just me: obviously Tory did too. Actually, he shot one of his videos here. 🙂

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