I bought myself a present

I bought myself a present. Just to feel better, and to celebrate having a new job. The funny thing is, it is perfume, but I never smelled it. I just knew I wanted to have it, and I would love it, because of the look in the commercial and the brand and pricing, hihi. Is that weird? A little bit, but I made the right choice.

The perfume is Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium. I never buy the same perfume twice, even when I love a smell (like Lolita Lempicka or Angel), I always want a new scent to enjoy. You get used to them so quickly.. So when I saw the commercial for Black Opium, I was like: hmm, this might be my new one!

I am pretty much obsessed with the girl in it. She looks so androgynous, really gorgeous. I love the music in the commercial aswell, which is the song My Head is A Jungle by Wankelmut & Emma Louise. It just fits like a puzzle, and it does not surprise me that I actually love the fragrance too. It is a pretty expensive perfume (but I had discount! 😉 ) and it smells like patchouli and orange blossom, which are two scents I really love!

So even though I should not be buying myself gifts at the moment, I am super happy I did. I am very busy cleaning out my house, getting ready for my new job, getting rid of old shit, and at least I can smell amazing while doing all that! 😉


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