Review – Lush Lord of Misrule bath bomb

Lord of Misrule is not just a shower cream by Lush, there is also a bath bomb of it! The funny thing is that in the Dutch description of the bath bomb, it says nothing about what the actual ingredients are (or let’s say: what it will smell about): it only talks about the wine red color it will leave in your bath.

Well, I can imagine why, cause it really does make your bath a very odd color. At first you hold this light green bath bomb in your hand, but as soon as it touches the water, it starts to let loose this crazy red color that makes the bath looks like red wine, or like blood that has been watered down 😉 And it is not just the color: Lord of Misrule has a very nice smell that is pretty strong, which is what I love.

It smells exactly like the shower cream, which means it is herbs, patchouile, black pepper: pretty strong. Apparently the bath bomb is inspired by the ruler of the pagan Feast of Fools, which is a cute extra thing to know as I used to be very into paganism. Pagans loved wine, and that is why they made this bath bomb turn your bath so winey red.

Pretty nice to know this backstory right? I really like this bath bomb, cause it looks a bit boring but then there are so many layers to it! And the smell is good, it sticks on your skin for quite a while. Lovely. 🙂

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