My life with Zelda

Since I was little I learned everything about videogames from my brother. That is totally opposite these days, but there is still a lot I owe to him. For example: introducing A Link to the Past to me, which is still in my top three favorite games of all time. I already played that when I was 5 years old or something, and now that I am twentysomething years older, I am still excited when a new Zelda-game releases.

As you might have read I have Nintendo Switch right now, and thankfully I am able to play this new Zelda. Though I could also have played it on my Wii U, but you know, I want to play it everywhere and anywhere, so I am thrilled to use Switch for that. It is really addictive too, the huge world of Hyrule, the many tasks you get to do. At first I was afraid I would not know what to do with the freedom in this first open world Zelda, but until now I have not felt lost at all.

It is funny cause most Zelda fans prefer the Zelda-games that are very realistic (or at least: more realistic) over the cartoony ones. I have always enjoyed the cartoony ones, like Phantom Hourglass, A Link Between Worlds, et cetera. The worlds are a bit smaller, and the games are a bit oldschool, but I guess the fact that I started so young makes me enjoy that more.

I still have many hours to go in Breath of the Wild, which is very exciting. I am afraid I will not be able to get to the end very quickly, cause I am too impatient to really search for items and go through the menus to upgrade myself, hihi. We will see, I will definitely get back to you when I have reached that final boss!

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