Should I be writing a book?

As I write a lot of articles, I have probably written thousands of articles by now, I get a lot of questions about my writing. People often do not understand video games and therefore do not understand how I can write so much about it. But there are also people that would tell me: but if you love writing, why don’t you write a book?

The answer to that is pretty simple: I do not feel that I have any knowledge that I should be giving other people. What can people learn from me? Not a lot I’m afraid. At first I considered writing a book about being a female geek, or how to understand geekiness if you are dating a geek. It would be fun, but then on the other hand I do not look forward to all the bad things people will say about it.

Then I thought, I can ghostwrite a book under a different name, about borderline. But then, I am not your typical outgoing borderliner, so I am not sure if I will be helping other borderliners by writing a book about how to deal with BPD if you have PBD. There are so many books about dealing with people that have the disorder, but not a lot for people that actually deal with it a lot more because they ARE the borderline people.

Anyway, I found that too difficult, so now I am not sure what to write. There are more reasons for me not to write a book by the way, one of which is my crazy impatience. I am so used to writing short articles of maximum 2000 words, a book is at least 20.000! I am not sure if I could handle that. We will see.. I still want to write a book, I would love to offer insight to people, even if it would just be one person, but what should I write about and will I be able to be patient enough to start and finish it? I guess time will tell…

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