Hi girl, when are you leaving?

As I have written before I will be starting a new job on April 10th. It is very exciting, but it also means I will have to leave my current job. As they haven’t found my replacement yet, I have been pretty busy writing down my way of working, or should I say ways of working, cause there are so many.

Anyway, my manager sent an email to my colleagues announcing me leaving, but people tend to forget. They know there is something about me, but they are not sure how and what. So the thing is, everytime a colleague walks up to me or I meet a colleague at the coffee machine, they keep on asking when my last day in my current job will be. It is of course very lovely of them to show interest, but it sometimes comes across a bit mean. Like: Hey, when you are leaving again? Hihi, I know they don’t mean it that way, but I am getting a bit sick of having to tell this story over and over and over again.

Especially cause many times I get asked when I am just working, and my colleague sits across from me who has heard the story one hundred times now. It is even getting a bit funny now. Though there is also a part of this transition that is not funny at all, at it’s starting to be worse by the day: who will replace me? There is going to be a temp first, which is quite annoying as it will cost my colleague a lot of work helping her settle in and then helping the new person that is actually gonna stay in my job.

So, I feel a bit guilty about it and that is getting worse too. Sometimes I think I should just stay where I am, but that of course is not going to happen. I do feel bad about leaving, especially as me and my colleagues seem to get along so well lately. I do know now that my new job is pretty cool too though, my new team is very fast and young and exciting, and way less corporate than what I am doing now. And to be fair: I am not a very corporate person.

So I am thrilled to start my new job, even though I am also very aware of my current job and how difficult it must be for a new person to understand all the many politics and systems that come with this job. Oh well, they will easily find a better person for the job obv. I just hope they hurry up with it ! 😉


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