John Wick: Chapter 2 was not special

John Wick was an interesting movie. I am not extremely interested in action flicks, but I am enjoying them every once in a while. Especially when they do special things with them like John Wick. The first movie was really something, the violence, the dog: there were a lot of surprises. The second one though? Meh…

It almost seems like the second John Wick is a parody of action movies. Especially the beginning with the big Russian maffia-esque boss, John coming into the building, lots of stealthy action: and then that superduper over the top scene with the car, which is a bit silly to me: just take a different car first and then steal your own car back after you killed everyone, is what I thought. Anyway, the movie is just a bit too much action and not enough surprises.

I am not even sure if Keanu Reeves was really having fun with it either. He does not seem to be having fun, but that might be the personality of John Wick too ofcourse. I really did not like that Ruby Rose did not speak in the movie, it was not really clear what they were trying to say with that (sorry, that was a non-intended pun). Chad Stahelski is the director of both the first and the second movie, so I can’t blame a change in directors nor a change in actors for this.

All I know is that I would not really be too excited if there would be a John Wick 3. May be John Wick is not interesting enough to stay original? Too bad, cause I am very happy for Keanu Reeves to be in a huge film franchise again after The Matrix. 🙂

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