LEGO Worlds has so much potential


LEGO Worlds is a game in which TT Games takes things to a whole other level. They have to: after making typical adventure puzzle platform LEGO-games for over ten years, the franchises needed some refreshment. First that refreshment seemed to come with LEGO Dimensions, but that game is so expensive: no one can afford to keep playing it.

So now there is LEGO Worlds. It is still action adventurey, but it does not follow a story. It is open world: you just get a world built out of LEGO’s and it is up to you to change it, enhance it and play around with it. Or, that is how it was marketed. Part of this is true, indeed you can have fun with it: lots of freedom. But it is not just that as first you need to collect 100 golden bricks before you can really go all out in this sandbox mode.

It’s good cause this way the game has the opportunity to teach you how things work in a very playful way. There are so many options, so many objects, so many tools to use, you really need a hand. However, having to do pretty repetitive tasks for 100 times is a bit much. Especially because there is no overall story, it’s just seperate missions that do not really make you care about the LEGO-people per se.

It is a pity, cause LEGO Worlds does have potential. It just seems TT Games is not really happy with it either. Technically speaking the game is bad, and there was not a lot of marketing for it in the first place. LEGO Worlds is released very much under the radar, which seems weird cause it’s TT Games answer to Minecraft, right?

I am afraid TT Games will now have to go back to making the stereotypical LEGO Games. It is a good thing cause they are excellent at it, but it always hurts a bit when new features are killed. If they would just have gotten a little bit more time to think things through and make it a certain way, LEGO Worlds could have been so much greater.

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