The job interview with the celebrity

In The Netherlands we are currently getting ready to vote. I always try to vote, even though I I do not follow politics very well. As the matter of fact, I feel like I do not have enough control over it to really be involved with it. However, that has been different in the past. As the matter of fact, I once applied for a job at a political party. It is one of the Dutch parties that other countries find weird: the animal party.

The job was to be a secretary for the party, and I was extremely excited when I was asked to go to The Hague for a first job interview. That alone was already a huge victory, but little did I know it was going to be even greater. I was sitting there at the offices near the Second Chamber, and the intern came to pick me up. There I was, in the office of the animal party, a party that I had loved for a long time, because they stand up for animals, but even more because they are a very active political party.

So when it was time I walked into the room, only to find out that I was having my job interview with the actual leader of the party. I was so surprised! I was sitting there with Marianne Thieme, and she was charming and combatant as always. Even though she was pregnant at the time, so she was about to leave her job, she was there, fighting for the good cause. It only made me fall in love more with the Partij voor de Dieren.

Eventually, as you might imagine, I did not get the job, but I was second runner up. I was very young at the time, not living too close to The Hague, so it must have been for the better. But still it seems like an awesome job for a cause that is actually worth while. I am thrilled to see them do so well, especially in the predictions for the upcoming elections. Hopefully they’ll do well! I do not think Marianne Thieme will become the first female Minister President this time, but I surely hope she gets very, very close! 🙂

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