Logan: not feelin’ the hype

Yesterday I went to see Logan, which was pretty okay. I like it when superhero movies do things differently than the comics, especially if they make things darker or tell them from a different perspective. Logan definitely is one of those darker films too, but yet it did not really touch me as much.

Maybe it is because the girl has the same name as I do and as soon as Mr X started saying her name one million times, I was out, but I think it is mainly because I was falling asleep the whole time after the first hour. As Logan is a pretty long movie, it felt even longer cause I kept on waking up and sleeping again, waking up and sleeping again, it was brutal.

It was mainly brutal because I knew I was going to have to write an article that would take me at least 1,5 hours, and I would be home at 11:30, but the movie itself also had many annoying things. For example the movie that the “mom” makes in the hotel room: how did she do all those montages? And why is the girl not totally being like: wtf is this world? She had only been inside but yet she was not reacting to being in the actual world at all.

And then there was the thing with multiple mutants, that were all doing things that we have seen in other mutants before. It was just not too thrilling. I know it is something that is all me, I just do not like X-Men. I feel like you can invent a mutant for any type of problem you might have, so what is the challenge in that? Even in this movie that was not so much about mutants, I simply did not really feel the love. Logan himself was not impressive enough to me: he made me fall asleep! 😉

Anyway, I think it is a pity that I did not appreciate Logan as much as the other movie goers, but may be I should give it another try when I am finally ready to not fall asleep during this very long movie.

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