Can’t believe the sweetheart Drake is!

Tonight was a good night, cause I went to see Drake in concert! I did miss the guest shows, which was mainly because of my three week long head ache and the fact that I had some writing to do and I was just not really feeling well. But! I was glad to go and see the show, cause it was a totally different experience than Friday, but yet it was just as amazing in a totally different way.

I had the feeling The Weeknd was more of a party in the audience, while Drake was more a party on stage. He was really being so awesome with the crowd, drinking shots with us, yelling at people waving from the seats and then having these very lovely messages between songs. It is really amazing how he makes his voice go from tough rap guy to sweet rnb guy.

The show was pretty crazy too, with all the orb shaped lamps in the middle, changing color and shape. Then there was fireworks, fire, dancers and even an extra guest artist. Drake really made a huge show out of it, which was nice as he had to postpone his Dutch concerts a few times for that. Yes, a few times, it was pretty crazy, especially as he had four concerts planned and eventually I think he did one in January, then this one, and another two in March. Oh well. If it wasn’t sold out I would probably consider going again, cause it was so good to feel the energy from the room whenever a new song started.

I was also very happy that there was only 5 seconds (literally!) of Take Care, cause it is one of those songs that simply touches my heart, and I would probably have teared up. I did not tear up this time, thankfully, but I did feel all the feels when he was talking about this beautiful equality thing at the end of the concert. I really feel he is a very legit guy. And of course he is not an angel, but at least he comes across as a real human being and I really do appreciate that.

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