My father is getting enthusiastic

My father is a man that is very outgoing, but he is very business-y in his way of dealing with people. He has always been like that, towards his family very much as well. Sometimes that means he is hard to connect with. Especially when I was a teenager that was a challenge, and often it still is, but in general he has been very nice to me lately. And how did I notice? By food. Of course, it is always food people.

When I announced I am a vegetarian for good now, first he made me a vegetarian schnitzel, only to announce that the mashed potato was really good, but it did have some bacon in it 😛 But now he is actually starting to become more and more interested in cooking veggie things. That is a big deal, especially cause he is in a cooking club where they always make disgusting things like goose liver and other meats that no owner of a heart should enjoy.

Anyway, this week he was very happy about having prepared a quiche for me, which indeed was very good, with Camembert cheese and leek. But during the dinner he kept on going on about how he saw on television that they made a spinach quiche with filo dough, which he really wanted to cook for me next time I would visit their home. I thought it was especially cute as my mom later told me that the original was actually with bacon, but my mom said to him: you might want to make this for your daughter, but then leave out the bacon of course. And at the dinner table he said that exactly: there should be bacon in this, but it should be fine without it too.

It is sweet how people are dealing with my vegetarianism. I used to be a vegetarian before, but I started eating meat again cause I felt so awful about making things impossible for friends making dinner for me. I feel great about being a vegetarian again, but I still often feel a bit like some whiny bi-atch for asking for veggie dishes all the time. Not with my parents though: they know now, they definitely do. 🙂

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