Yay! Learning more about code

Thanks to a friendly colleague at work I could go on a special course to learn coding. I was very thrilled to be able to go, as the course (that took 5 hours) was an introduction to multiple different coding languages, such as HTML, Python and Javascript. I think there were more, but I only got into these three.

It was very nice being able to check what language fits me most. Even though some languages get a bit old, I think I want to go for HTML. HTML is more text based than number based I think, and I am used to HTML a bit thanks to my website work here and in the past. Anyway, I really liked it and I am very happy that we can access the online learning tool for another month. Unfortunately it will be a crazy busy month so I might not be able to get as much out of it as I would like to, but I will definitely put in some extra hours, as it really seems my thing.

It would be smart if people my age and younger would learn a coding language anyway, just one, so they can be a bit more futureproof. I definitely want to be able to code in one language in 5 years, cause I think it might be beneficial to my future job. The way in which this course at work taught me, is definitely a way that I appreciate: very playful, funny and highly addictive.

I will let you know end of March how I was doing with the course, cause I think that if I get enough points done, the license might get extended with 11 months, which would be awesome! 🙂


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