The concert of The Weeknd was cool

About 16 months ago I was complaining about The Weeknd on Facebook, cause I was a bit annoyed that he was only touring the USA at the time. Exactly one year after that whiny post, I was able to buy a ticket for his concert in Ziggodome yesterday. Super awesome! I was really thrilled to go, but I was a bit afraid I might not really like it, cause I saw a video once of The Weeknd live that I was not very impressed by.

He did not disappoint though! As soon as he appeared on stage, the party started, and it did not end until a few hours later. The funny thing was that songs that I usually found a bit basic, totally came to life. I have a new favorite song of the album at the moment, and very randomly at the end of the evening I teared up a bit, after he sang The Hills, which is not on Star Boy obviously but on an earlier album (it was kinda his break through song).

Anyway, I went to the concert alone, which was awesome cause there was no one I had to worry about, though it was also a bit lonely at times, but that was okay. Thankfully the guest artist was amazing. It was actually one of the first times that I knew the supporting artist in advance, and liked it: Bryson Tiller. It was too bad there was something wrong with his mic, cause he can definitely sing! I really love Don’t, but he has more amazing tracks.

The Weeknd was really good, though if I listen to the recordings I made he sounds less amazing, but the sound in Ziggodome is just excellent. I was very annoyed by people using their smartphones to record freaking everything, cause I rather take five seconds to shoot a few bad pics than annoy people with my phone all the time, cause really, it is f’ed up. It is so much better to watch a show through your eyes, instead of a screen. Grr!

Anyway, I was very impressed by the set list, it was really good, even though one of my faves Twenty Eight was not on there, many of my other faves definitely were. He did a good job, he was not overly stoned or overly thanking us for our awesomeness. What I loved as well is that he really thanked and showed love for his band three times or something, that was sweet.

I was glad I went to the concert, cause it really made me experience his music in a different way. I hope Drake on Sunday will be just as good or better, but I can’t really imagine that to be the case as rap is always a bit trickier in huge arena’s. Let’s see who wins this battle of the Canadians 😉

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