Review – Etos Orange Blossom & Ginger Hand Cream

When I saw that Etos had a special edition for the winter, I immediately wanted to have it. Mostly because it was wintery, but also because I wanted to have hand cream at work, as I do not really use it a lot at home, but when I’m at work I usually put it on three to four times a day, hihi.

I really love the packaging of the Botanical Boost line of Etos. That is mostly because the creams are made in collaboration with Hortus Botanicus, a floral expertise center in Amsterdam, near Artis Zoo. The packaging therefore has a beautiful drawing on it of one of the flowers that are used to fragrance the cream.


At first I was not really enjoying this hand cream though. No matter how beautiful the drawings on the packaging might be: the cream was so greasy! I really did not like it at first. However, later I noticed that it does not stay greasy, it is just at the beginning, and afterwards your hands smell lovely. Especially this one, which is the limited edition Orange Blossom & Ginger, is a very strong smelling hand cream.

I can imagine not everyone is a huge fan of that, at most people prefer a somewhat more subtle hand cream, but I like it a lot. I think I have used it for 2 tot 2,5 months but now it is all gone. Did it make my hands a lot softer? Not really, but it did help any wintery dry places go away. There is a Botanical Boost I am a bigger fan of, but I will discuss that one in a separate blog. šŸ™‚


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