Some lyrics really get to me

One of the reasons I like hip hop so much, is that the makers are often so well with words. I am not a fan of the n word, nor do I like all the bragging that is often going on in the scene, but I do enjoy a good pun or popculture reference, or just a sentence that can give you a whole lotta feelings, even though it’s just a few words.

Lyrics that really get to me are for example, some recent ones:

“I’m sitting at the bar when your glass is empty” – Heartbeat – Childish Gambino
“Everything sweet ain’t sugar coated” – Stay Ready – Jhene Aiko
“Fck your love, motherfck your love!” – The New Cupid – BJ The Chicago Kid

Okay, the last one might not be as special, but it just sounds so good when he sings it. It is one of the best lines to just scream out loud together with BJ. The other two, and again, these are very recent examples that give a feeling or a view, are doing such a good job. Jhene’s line for example, I have learned from it from so many different perspectives. There are a lot of things you can explain or take dicisions on by just having those five little words in your head.

Or how about Heartbeat by Childish Gambino, freaking amazing song: I’m sitting at the bar when your glass is empty. You immediatly see him sitting a bar, some gorgeous woman in a beautiful dress staring bored at her empty glass. Him having his eye on her, her knowing what is going to happen. For some reason it is not even that comforting somehow, especially the way in which he sings it, it is almost like he is getting back at her for sitting at the bar, like a shark waiting to attack.

Very interesting and lovely to see other people being passionate about writing. I used to always pick MSN names that referred to lyrics, hihi. I was so emo, aww!

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