What’s wrong with Joy?

Joy: when I saw the trailers, I really wanted to see it. However, people kept telling me it would be a waste of time, cause the movie was not that good. I have just seen it and I can’t believe people would say that. Is it brilliant? No, but is it good? Yes. Looking at RottenTomatoes I understand the problem people have with Joy: they do not understand her, but I do not feel that that is as necessary in this movie.

I love the combination of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, I love David O. Russell and I love tough ladies. I actually thought Joy was going to be a bit of an action movie, no idea where I got that idea, but I am glad it wasn’t. I am glad that I have seen it anyway, cause it is pretty good. Fair enough, it is not Silver Linings Playbook-good nor American Hustle-good: it is still a very entertaining, beautiful movie about a woman that wanted more in life.

It is so cool to see her struggle and then fight, she is so tough, and cool, I would probably kill myself if I had such a huge debt, but she stays pretty normal and very composed. I really liked it a lot. It was pretty cool that they did not get a relationship or any type of love thing, cause I love how you feel the tension between the too, the way he looks at her, but yet it does not mean anything has to happen between them.

If it would’ve, it would only make the movie a bit boring, and it would distract us from what this was all about: this lady called Joy. Jennifer Lawrence did well, and so did direct David O. Russell. I know he is currently working on a television series, and I can only hope it is going to be as good as his movies, that are always full of life. They are really something else.

Lawrence also has a few things coming up this year, but those are all movies. I did not love her in Passengers, and I do not like X-Men, so I hope her next movies, even though they are without Mr. Russell involved, will be very alike her best work. Fingers crossed!

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