Manchester by the Sea: Oscar worthy

I think it is amazing what the Affleck brothers have established. Ben is an amazing director and Casey is a great actor. I would even go as far as to say he is a genius actor. Ben is a good actor too, but I think he is better as a director. I absolutely loved Argo and Live by Night was pretty excellent too.

Today I would like to discuss Casey though, as he is in the movie I saw this afternoon: Manchester by the Sea. It is a slow, artsy movie that does an amazing job at making someones life unfold in a very natural and intense way. Especially that moment in the police station with the gun is a moment that was really amazing, heartbreaking even. But understandable too, the misery is enormous.

That goes for the whole movie, but that was just a moment that really stood out to me. What I also appreciate is the relationship of Caseys character and his nephew. It is really very cute and very real at the same time. And real seems to be Caseys middle name anyway: the way he acts, it is almost like he just is this person. It is so amazing how he seems to not even have cameras surrounding him, he is so natural.

I already loved him in Gone Baby Gone and -even though I did not love the movie- Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. There are so many movies I have seen that I did not even realize he was in! The Oceans movies for example, American Pie.. I do not even remember him being in Interstellar, isn’t that crazy? Anyway, I think he is beautiful in Manchester by the Sea, and I really hope he will earn an Academy Award for it. Andrew Garfield did an amazing job in Hacksaw Ridge, but I think he needs a different movie to receive the Oscar. This one is Casey’s.

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