Hagelslag is the best!

In Holland there is this bread topping that many other people find really strange: we use chocolate sprinkles. I would not want to say it is healthy, but I ate it for breakfast for 10 years straight and look how amazing I turned out đŸ˜‰ No but seriously, I did eat it for breakfast at least 3000 times. Though I do not eat it too much anymore, cause I haven’t really eating a lot of bread anyway, and you can’t buy it as a premade sandwich usually, I still love it.

The chocolate topping for bread comes in multiple varieties: chocolate hagelslag, which are sprinkles, and chocolate vlokken, which are flakes. I am more a fan of flakes, to be honest, cause they are bigger and they have weird shapes. But hagelslag sounds so Dutch, and it is till chocolate, so fine. So yesterday I went to this supermarket where you can mix your own hagelslag, which is hilarious to me. I am so glad I am not a kid anymore, cause I would have totally opened my mouth and just let the hagelslag poor right in, haha, all over the floor, mess!

This time I did not, though the urge was definitely there. Just seeing the station with the different types of hagelslag was making me super excited! I really like the concept, I hope more stores will do it, cause I think the store I was at yesterday was the only one in the world until now. Really cool!


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