OMG I got the job!

Remember last year I wrote that blog on how I changed companies? I went from a cardboard company to a huge retailer. Back then I thought I really made the choice to be an assistant, as it is so hard to get a job in anything that has to do with writing. The funny thing is, I was pretty okay with that, even though I know I can do more, I was fine where I was at, still learning a lot from the executive assistant. However, I also knew that being an assistant simply is not my passion, it is something I like to do, I can do it, but I really want to create something, if that makes sense.

Thankfully in my job I had a lot of opportunity to make things too, I set up a newsletter, I worked on a departmental website, et cetera. So when this job opening for a communication and knowledge base employee went up, I was not too anxious about applying. I have only been back with this company for less than a year, and I did not want to bother my colleagues with my possible exit of this job.

However, the exec assistant saw the job opening too, so she immediatly said: you should apply! I thought about it some more, cause secretly I had thought about it a lot already, and then I thought: if I have her blessing, why shouldn’t I try? I mean, I will probably not even be invited to an interview anyway, so I can just make my point about how hard it is to change professions within a company.

Hihi, that ended up a bit differently, as you might have expected when reading the title of this blog. The first convo went super well, I really was getting more and more enthusiastic about the job. But then the second interview did not go so well, I had to do this writing assignment that I did not feel went well, and I felt so down about screwing things up, it really was not a good week. Until on Friday I got a call from that department, saying: hey, you got the job! I think the first thing I said was something like: Wait, whut? How?!

So it was a strange week last week, as I was first building up to this second interview, getting all excited, then having to accept that I was just staying were I was (which was fine too), but then having to deal with changing my mind again cause I was leaving my department, I was getting this job. It is so weird! But I did say yes, cause it is a great opportunity for me to leave the secretarial profession forever, and write and ask questions all day, which is what I prefer doing anyway.

However, the realisation kicks in that I will be leaving my current role in a month or so, and that is very quickly. I feel very guilty about leaving, even though I know they will find a better person for the job, it is just that I feel bad about the exec assistant having to deal with a new person, teach her everything, so I hope I can make the best work description and manual that anyone has ever seen. Thankfully I like writing πŸ˜‰

Anyway, it is going to be an exciting couple of months, but like my mom said: Honey, there is never a dull moment with you, now is there? πŸ˜› Nope.

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