A lil’ bit in love with Freeheld

Ellen Page and Julianne Moore are modern day goddesses. They always pick the right movies, they are smart, they are gorgeous and they dare to pick roles that do not make them extremely feminine or sexy, but at the same time they do, hihi. So at this moment I am watching Freeheld, a movie I had never heard of before. They are both in it, and they are ridiculously cute.

As I am pretty sure this is a dramatic movie, I expect all this bad shit to happen, so while I feel so happy about them two, I wanted to write this blog. It is so adorable how they fall in love, how they have their first date, and they are both a bit awkward but so in love at the same time. The way they look at each other, the way they kiss, it really is to die for. They portray being in love so well, it is hard to not crush on them right away. I am literally watching this with a huge smile on my face, being all like awww!

However I am afraid this movie is going to tell a story about them in which everything ends badly, but for now they are just being adorbz. The director of the movie is Peter Sollett, who is famous for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, that I have always wanted to watch and I am not entirely sure if I ever have.. Anyway, as I already expected the movie does not have a too good rating on Rottentomatoes, but often these type of movies makes a better impression on me somehow.

Let’s see..


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