Review – Lush So White Bath Bomb

When I read the name of this bath bomb, I was starting to feel offended, hihi, but then I read that this plain looking beauty offers a little colorful surprise inside and all was good. And all was definitely not white..

I understand there has been a So White shower gel and even an older version of the So White bath bomb. However, the one I am discussing right now is the Christmas 2016 version. At first I did not realise the bath bomb is supposed to look like an apple, with a green leaf on top. I thought it was just a green holly on top, but I was wrong, it is an apple.




It actually started to break down a bit when I got it out of its package, which apparently means that it will probably be more foamy than the sturdier bath bombs. I am not sure it is true, but indeed when I did put it in the warm water, the foam started to show. And what is even more interesting, the white ball started to dissolve with a lot of blue and yellow color, which looked amazing. The bath water turned turquoise and it was really beautiful.

Plus, the whole bathroom started to smell amazing. I did not really smell what it was at first, but then I realised: it was apples! Might have been difficult for me to figure out, cause I have been using that DKNY apple perfume for a while now, which is obviously a lot stronger (especially cause I use the purple night version, which is obviously even heavier hihi). I do love how my bathroom still smelled of apple for a while, though I did feel that the scent came off my skin pretty quickly.

It is a pretty cool bath bomb though, especially if you would not tell people anything, the bright colors are definitely a huge surprise!

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