P’s & Q’s Auto Body looks so awesome

One of my guilty pleasures is Bar Rescue, even though I really dislike Jon Taffers yelling, it is just fun to watch bars in America, dreaming of ever going there some time, hihi. I just saw the episode where a bar called Artful Dodger / Radio, got turned into P’s & Q’s Auto Body. Now the reason I am so impressed with this change, is that the theme of the bar is now America in the 1920’s, which I am obsessed with for a long time now.

The thing that is so cool is that the front looks like a car garage, and then you need to go in through a secret door with a password, and then you arrive in this bar that is just amazing: fully 1920’s prohibition period, full of oldschool lamps, couches and just that Great Gatsby flair that we love so much. And most importantly: classic cocktails. I am a junkie for cocktails, I really appreciate the mixology and the complexity of them.

The bar I usually end up in, in Amsterdam, is nothing like that. I do not even think we have any bars like that in Holland, which is too bad. The Netherlands is not really a cocktail country anyway; it’s either beer or wine, which is a pity for me as I do not like beer and I get allergic reactions to most wine. So I just stick to Coco’s Outback, a place that does not put too much love into their cocktails, but they definitely put enough alcohol in them 😉 Enough to get my friend Rey tipsy with just half a drink, hihi.

Anyway, I think the 1920’s are a fascinating time, I have just seen Live by Night, with Ben Affleck, a really good movie, that shows another part of that time, from a more Boardwalk Empire like perspective. I love how the people were dressed back then, so beautiful. Too bad you can’t get away with that style anymore these days, unless you go to a themed wedding or party or something…

It is too bad all those bars in Bar Rescue are so far away, cause I am always very impressed by the new cocktails the show introduces. When I will be going to New York later this year, I will definitely look up some oldschool Speakeasy bar, cause they will definitely have them there.

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