We mainly laughed at Fifty Shades Darker

I went to Fifty Shades Darker with Rey and it was hilarious. I already knew the movie was going to be bad, cause the book is written so badly and the first movie was terrible. It is interesting how chemistry really shows on screen, cause there was none of that between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Not in the first movie, and definitely not in the second. They do all these things that are usually pretty sexy, but it just does not feel sexy. Even when she is getting the total male gaze shot when she is wearing her lingerie with suspenders: it is just not hot.

Honestly, the sexiest thing in the movie is when she is threatened by this other dude. The rest of it was just bad, it was almost like a joke. Especially this part where Mr Grey is missing. So even though the whole movie is in New York with only city shots, there is one moment where Mr. Grey is suddenly flying a helicopter in this lush green environment, only to crash down within 10 seconds.

Next thing we know we are watching Ana sitting on the couch in the family apartment, with Grey’s mom next to her, exchanging tears and sad stories about him like he is dead. Then the news anchor says: he is found alive! And literally within 3 seconds there is a PING sound, the elevator doors open and Grey steps out. It is so ridiculous!

I think it is pretty strange how a movie that is so full of sexy things, can be so unsexy. Is my heart that cold? 😛

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