Review – Lush – The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar

If you’ve been reading this blog for a longer amount of time than just today, you should know by now that Christmas is magic. Thankfully Lush agrees, so they made a Bubble Bar called The Magic of Christmas, which is a brown star on a stick, that you can wave around in your bath water and possibly even reuse. As I stressed before though, I am not good at reusing, so I put the whole thing in one bath, just being happy about the crazy amount of foam.

Honestly, I was not going to be able to reuse this one anyway, cause it fell of the amazing cinnamon stick it was on pretty swiftly. It looks so adorable though, it is really one of the better gifts if you just want to give one Lush item. It is a bright orange star covered in gold dust, with an anise star in the middle, and it is on a stick of cinnamon, with a ribbon around it with a bell. It is really cute.

What I like about it too is that the smells are really christmassy: cinnamon, anise, clove; just those warm kinda spices that everybody loves during winter time. The huge amount of bubbles will surround you like a warm pile of thick, magical snow. The fact that the star is very orange also helps: it turns the bath water into this bright orange sea, that simply looks good with the white foam. Especially cause the gold glitter is causing the water to sparkle like crazy, amazing!

I like this bubble bar even more than Santasaurus, which is mainly because The Magic of Christmas is simply more outspoken: in color, in scent, in looks. Like I said, it really makes for one of the best simple Lush Xmas gifts. After your bath you will feel cosy, your skin will feel soft and any winter dryness will fade away.

It is definitely not a product to use during day time, but in the evenings before you crawl into a nice, clean bed. So lovely!

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