Yay snow, my cats dropped my Xmas tree

When I am writing this down, I am at work, waiting for my train to go and see Fifty Shades Darker (believe me, I will write another blog about that one, no matter what 😉 ), and when I look outside the window I see a lovely blanket of snow on the balcony. Finally some real snow came falling from the sky, and I am super thrilled. I love winter: cold and dark, romantic like that adorable garden scene in Beauty and the Beast, filled with holidays and chocolate: what is not to love? It is such a cosy time of the year. It is that time the best word in Dutch is made for: gezellig.

As I love Xmas so much, I was going to have my Xmas tree up until March. Unfortunately as the snow started falling, the cats started acting like a couple of weirdos. Because of the cold they are just acting insane, running around, fighting a bit (in a friendly way) and therefore: breaking stuff. I remember well when I did not own cats, that I was so infatuated by how my ex boyfriends cat would gently place her paws when she walked, never even touching the things on a cabinet.

Well, my cats are not like that. Not that they make a mess all the time, but sometimes they are just clumsy or careless, a bit like me I suppose. And so one morning when I walked into my living room, I saw that my beautiful Xmas tree -that truthfully was never standing straight up in the first place- fell all the way down, the decorations were everywhere (no glass thankfully) and it was simply one huge X-messy mass, euh, X-massy mess 😉

And so I took away my Xmas tree way before I should. And I threw it away. It is just time for a new Xmas tree, or may be even a real one, who knows. I actually have an Xmas like tree in my garden, may be I can hang my decorations in there this year. I am a bit sad that now that it is finally snowy, the Xmas tree is gone, but at the same time I am pretty happy it is out of the way, as my house is messy enough as is. 😉

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