The proposal in Hidden Figures is everything

For a person that does not see herself getting married, I am a sucker for proposals. I hardly ever cry about anything I watch, but show me three YouTube-videos with proposals and I tear up. It is very strange, but I guess it’s just the hopeless romantic inside me speaking out. It is just so cute, and love can be so beautiful whenever she is not cruel.

Last week at the PAC Film Festival I watched Hidden Figures. It is an amazing movie that everybody should watch, it is a lot less artsy than I expected it to, but it will definitely stick for a while. And it is very funny too.

In this movie, there is a proposal, and it is so simple yet adorable, that I was having a hard time not screaming SAY YES! to the screen. The powerful thing about this proposal is that the woman that is proposed to really deserves it. She deserves the love that he wants to give to her, and the way he describes it to her is just everything. I do not want to spoil too much about it, I just wanted to think back to it and swoon, cause it is EVERYTHING. Especially inclusion plays a big part in him popping the question, and it is beautiful.

I love the actor too, although I could not remember what movie I knew him from, until I just looked him up to realise I know him from House of Cards. He was also in A Place Beyond The Pines, but I do not remember that well as I was being too infatuated by Ryan Gosling sporting tattoos, and some other stuff. Anyway, Hidden Figures really impressed me, though it does not feel like your usual Academy Award film, it is definitely a story the world has to know, and our three key characters are played by amazing, beautiful women that we should all look up to.

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