Review – Lush Santasaurus Bubble Bar

Arrhhhhgggg, raawwwwwwwhhggghh! It is the Lush Santasaurus! For some reason he comes on a stick, which seems pretty uncomfortable, but at least you can wave it around as if you are holding a magic wand, so I am not complaining. It looks pretty cute too, like a dragon kinda dinosaur with a santa hat on, awww.

Santasaurus is a bubble bar, which means it can be reused. I am not very good at reusing these things to be honest: even though they are a bit intense for just one bath, they seem to not be enough for two. Plus: then you have to put it on a piece of paper while it is still wet and that just does not seem like a good idea.

So I just put the whooole Santasaurus in my bath, all of it, and it was intense! I loved how the bath water turned extremely green in an instant, it was so christmassy and so beautiful, the deep green color, it is really amazing. The smell of the Brazilian orange combined with (as always..) bergamot reminded me of the famous Lush soap bar called Honey I Washed the Kids. It really is a very nice experience. And and hindsight, it would probably be fine for two baths, instead of just one, but I like to be indulged, I suppose 😉

As it is a bubble bar there is a lot of foam to enjoy, and that is awesome, though it does take away a lot of the beautiful green bath water of course. This is a bubble bar I would definitely buy again during Christmas time, cause it is really cool and a bit tough, so even a tough guy (ha ha) could easily enjoy a bath like this.




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