Fresh beer and steak at Brouwerij De Hoop

The title of this blog is very funny to me, cause I do not eat steak nor do I drink beer. But I went to this pretty new restaurant called Brouwerij De Hoop in Zaandijk with my family and they were definitely enjoying beer and steaks. I was just as happy with fresh orange juice and my veggie burger, to be honest.

The funny thing is, I made the pictures of the food because I want to start a food blog. Not that I am such a foodie, but I do go out to dinner pretty often and it seems fun to keep a blog about that, I even have a kick-ass URL for it already. However, I have not found the time to work on it yet, so I thought: I will just write about it here at PsychoUnicorn, cause I still feel like writing about it, hi hi.

Anyway, so there we were with our family at Brouwerij De Hoop, which was funny cause it was the last dinner with a family of 5. My brother and his wife were expecting a little one, which has been born by now, yay! I will obviously write a separate blog about that little miracle later. So we were in the restaurant with just the five of us, and it was very hard to speak to each other, unfortunately.

The reason is that the room does not really have a lot of curtains, and it is a bit industrial, so the sound of other tables was very loud. It was a bit annoying, especially as my voice can be a bit small and my moms voice as well, so I did not really get to speak to her a lot, hihi. Would I eat there again? I do not think so, but that is mainly because they only have one veggie thing on their menu, and it was good but it wasn’t great, so I’d rather go to a different restaurant next time.

I would like to see the brewery though, cause the special thing about this place is that they make their own beer. I did not really get to see the process on a small scale, so I might cycle there on a sunny day to get a tour and have another orange juice 😉

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