Jackie is mindblowing

At PAC festival, which is a film festival at Pathe where they show possible academy award winning movies that are not to be released in the cinema for quite a while still, I watched Jackie.

I don’t know much about American presidents, but Mr Kennedy obviously is one of the famous ones due to his tragic and mysterious death. What is equally as important in his story though, is Jackie. She was famous for her looks and her fashion, but in the movie Jackie you get to see a different side of her.
The movie is so excellent, it feels humbling to be even watching it. Nathalie Portman is very impressive as Jackie, including the accent, the attitude, the emotion: she totally turns into Jackie and it is amazing to watch.
The thing that really made the movie leave a mark on me, was the music. Beautiful cello music, very deep and dark, it really swept me away. Cello is my favourite instrument of all, and the simple use of it in this movie really gave it a grim feeling that is very appropriate.
I would recommend anybody and everybody to watch Jackie. You really get to see a different side of American history and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

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