The awful purple pink sweater

Magazines are amazing, they are little gifts you can give yourself. They are like a box of chocolates, all these little delicious snacks and you never know what to expect. They are easier to leave in the train after you are done reading, than a book. And they are just so actual and fun, I love magazines, yay. I specifically read a lot of Glamour, Empire, Quest and Viva.

In Viva there was this article that I found so weird that I wanted to share it. It is about a purple pink kinda sweater. Now please mind: this is a normal sweater, there is nothing special on it, just a plain pink/purple sweater. The text that comes with it, is like: “Wow you are wearing an amazing sweater!” And then the girl is like: “Yeah, right? I saw it in a little boutique in Amsterdam and I was like: wow, this is amazing!”

And then the worst part comes: “It is vintage, so it is totally sustainable!”

Oh dear, can’t she just say: “I bought it at this second-hand shop.” I mean, are we calling everything second-hand sustainable now? Doesn’t sustainable mean that it is actually made using fabric that is made by for example using trees that they plant five extra of when they cut it down, or that it is fabric from The Netherlands, so it does not have to travel all this way by boat/truck/plane? Stuff like that, right?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it does not bother me in a very negative way, I am just so surprised that this super boring sweater deserves a whole article. I want to know about this girl, her hair, her smile, even the little frames in the background, but that sweater, really?! 😛

Purple Sweater

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