Teenage Cocktail is a wannabe Thirteen

When I was a teenager I was pretty impressed by the movie Thirteen. Let me be clear: I was not totally like those girls, but lots of things were very much like my own life a few years ago (at that time). Sometimes I even feel like I haven’t changed that much, or not enough, hi hi. Anyway, I am always interested in these kind of teenager stories, as they fascinate me cause I have been so many different versions of me when I was a teenager, I suppose.

That is why I pressed play when I saw Teenage Cocktail on Netflix. I knew it was not going to be great, but I was just curious about it. It is the story of two friends that become webcam girls to save money to get away from their hometown and move to New York. This of course is all fun and games, until they meet the wrong person, and until they get too greedy.

Anyway, the thing I liked about the story is that it is a bit of a love story, which makes the events extra tragic, without them making things too obvious. I liked how the movie was non traditional in that sense. I thought the whole ordeal with the boyfriends was a bit weird, cause suddenly we did not see them anymore at all, but other than that, the movie was not extremely bad or anything. Actually, now that I think about it, it was pretty good. Nothing brilliant, nothing Golden Globe worthy, but the acting was good, the mood was good and the story was fine.

Was there a bit too much sex in it? I don’t think so. Though I am not the biggest fan of sex in movies, in this flick I could see why it was needed. It was pretty tasteful by the way, which is logical as it was meant to stress the odd teenager brain stuff that was going on, and how boundaries are easily stepped over when in the wrong company. I think Teenage Cocktail is a bit like the modern Thirteen.

It is everybody’s dream to have a relaxed life like they do, making money by doing something that is not even that shameful if you don’t take it too far, and just overstepping boundaries sometimes. It just feels like fun, even when it seems to go wrong. Is it excellent? Nope. Is it extremely good? Nope, but Teenage Cocktail still is a movie that is okay to watch on a rainy Sunday, while writing blogs 😉

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