A Series of Unfortunate Events is on Netflix!

Even though I really detest Jim Carrey, I really loved Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. It is such a weird movie, an odd story, with the baby with the teeth, with the strange bloke that is just evil all the way through: I absolutely adore the world of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I was very excited when I heard that Netflix was making a series of the movie, though I was also afraid that it would not be able to really catch the atmosphere. Well, after one weekend bingewatching this new version with no Jim Carrey but Neil Patrick Harris, I must say that they did an excellent job. I like how the children really are like the original movie (and novel probably, cause that must exist, right? 😛 ), and they really follow the events from the film, but they make them bigger and more eventful, really amazing.

I am not the biggest fan of Neil Patrick Harris and as I loved the original so much, I do still prefer Jim Carrey in the role of Count Olaf. Neil Patrick Harris did do a good job though, he really was a very nice Count Olaf, with a lot of different costumes, with the most amazing one in the last episode of this first season. Hihi, he is a remarkable guy, and at least he dares to go for it, hihi. A big shout out to the children too by the way, well done, acting with a baby and all. There is so much to love about this series! ❤

I truly enjoyed this first season, but I am extremely curious about a second season, as that will mean they will really take things further than the movies.

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