The Voice: what’s with the yelling?

If you are American you probably know the tv show called The Voice. It is a great show, very good concept, and it actually originates from The Netherlands. We are very famous for shows like this, and Big Brother-kinda drama shows. Which is funny, cause we always consider Americans to be the emotional ones while us Dutchies are living the “act normal, that is crazy enough” saying with pride.

Anyway, so in The Netherlands The Voice started, which is called The Voice of Holland. It is a cool show. There are not a lot of tv shows in the Netherlands I watch, but The Voice is definitely one I like to watch. Now let’s make it clear: if I miss a show, I am totes fine, but I do feel it is entertaining to watch. The thing I do not like, and it is becoming worse I feel, is the yelling. People are not singing, they are just screaming on the top of their lungs. It is not pretty.

And it is not just in The Voice that yelling is a thing, I notice it in a lot of music lately. I can’t come up with any examples right now, which is weird, but it is soooo much screaming, you can’t even really hear the voice of the person. It is just a pity, cause many of the singers are excellent. I do like angry songs, but some songs are not meant to be sang very angrily, so don’t please 😛

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