Review – Lush: The Christmas Penguin

Penguins are amazing creatures: they can live a gay lifestyle, they walk funny and they wear little tuxedoes, it is so adorable. When I saw this little fellow, the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, I wanted to have it. But I was a bit disappointed to see all of them missed their little beaks.

The Christmas Penguin

This Antarctic little bath bubble bar smells a bit vanilla. Not meaning actual vanilla, but more like: boring. There should be Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils in it, plus sweet bergamot. Bergamot is not very strong, but the citrus fruits should be. However, you do not really smell them. I wonder if that is because the bright orange beak should take care of that: which we are missing on this little cutie.


I do like how foamy the foam gets: it really is like beautiful white alps, very high, love it. I do miss some nice color of bath water, it is just one big blur of white really… And again, I miss the real Lushy smell, so in general the Christmas Penguin was a bit of a letdown. I do feel that missing beak really had something to do with it, so if I see one with a beak, I might try that one.

Even though this penguin looks cute, he definitely does not give the citrussy boost that is promised: he is a bit of a disappointment actually.

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