Guilty pleasure: Empire

Whenever I tell people about Empire, they often have no clue what I am referring to. Many people think I mean Boardwalk Empire, which is actually one of my fave tv shows of all time, but I mean Empire. Empire is what I refer to as the rnb/hip hop version of Glee. It is dramatic, it is over the top, it is filled with music, so that is great.

It has this amazing character in it called Cookie, it has Terrence Howard (oh la la…) and then there is the fact that many, many artists from the real world have cameo’s in it. It is just a very interesting show, that is way too over the top, but that is okay, cause it is so entertaining. There have been odd pregnancies, strange murders and horrible childhood memories; it is so soapy, but I am glad they at least do not act too over the top, so it does not get too much like Arrow.

Again: it has Terrence Howard, that is kinda all you need to know. What I find fun too is that the girl from another musical guilty pleasures of mine, Nashville, is in there too. However, now that I am looking her up on IMDB, I see that she was not in there after all, or it is not the same person. That is very weird! The girl from Empire is called Serayah, the girl from Nashville is called Chaley Rose. OMG I can’t believe how much they are alike!

Weird, I seem to be the only person in the world who thinks that.. Okay, that was weird, I was absolutely positive they were the same person, hi hi. Anyway, so with Empire I have just reached the end of season 2, and now the sad waiting for season 3 starts. The thing is, it is not really on tv here, not on Netflix, so I have to wait for the third season to be on dvd. You know how long that will take? Season 2 was JUST released on dvd one month ago.. 😦 It really sucks how much we are behind, cause I am so curious what will happen! Plus, I listen to the music of the show on Spotify, so some things are already kinda spoiled…

Patience, I am not sure if I’ll ever learn…



One comment

  1. I just started watching Nashville…which has now consumed my entire life because it is amazing. I also cannot believe that Serayah and Chaley Rose aren’t sisters because I thought they were the same person for a hot minute.


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