S’mores are the best

A sweet tooth, that is how people usually refer to me when it comes to food. They are right, though I need to lose 5 kg’s before I travel to Japan in March, I have a hard time staying off the chocolate.

Especially one of my all time favourite dishes: strawberries and chocolate, are prepared in my kitchen a little bit too often. My favourite dish of all time though, is not. That is because I believe this dish should only be eaten in North America. I am talking about s’mores, which is a weird name just to say “some more’s” when you are sitting near a camp fire. Very romantic.

Anyway, s’mores are amazing, they are chocolate and marshmallows and crackers. The right crackers to use are graham crackers, which you can’t really buy in the Netherlands, but Verkade biscuits will do too. You just put them together, stick them in the microwave (or a fire), and enjoy! If you want to go all the way, you use a creme brulee burner on it, to get a nice brown layer on them, and then it is just: ENJOY!

S’mores will get you nauseous in an instance, but it is so worth it. I love them, when I went to Canada last year I ate them everywhere they were available, hihi. They make me so happy, and they are so horribly sweet, it is amazing. They do make me feel like camping, even though I am not even that much of a camper, hihi. Try them! You will either love them or hate them, enjoy 🙂


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