Protest march: So proud of all those US ladies

Did Trump just start a new wave of feminism? I think he did, and I am so glad. Obviously having to protest this man and still having to fight for so many things in our society are not a good thing, but it is such a breathtakingly beautiful sight to see all those amazing ladies (and awesome men) coming together in big cities to show how they feel.

This week has been an emotional one, seeing the dearest Obamas leave, being even cuter than usual, and Mr. Trump becoming the new president of the United States. It felt like America, a country I have looked upto for many years, suddenly became a country to not take too serious anymore. I say this mainly because of what I know about Trump from his tweets and his remarks about women.

I am afraid Trump will be a big setback when it comes to gay rights, women’s rights and the international character of our economy, but I hope that will not be as bad as we all expect. And again, even though the reason for the ladies to come together now is sad and should not be happening, it feels so good that so many people still believe in a world that actually is a better place for everybody, instead of a better place just for some.

Stand strong ladies, the whole world roots for you.

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