Travel report – Antwerp (Belgium)

When Frank Ocean refused to drop his album on time, R and I were having this bet about when he would drop it, and if he did not do it on time, we would go to Antwerp. Well, as we all know, Mister Ocean was not even close to the date we thought he would drop, so we were supposed to go to Antwerp. It took a while for us to actually do it, but we finally did, and it was nice.

I really like Antwerp, it is a very easy city to travel to as a Dutch speaking person, and it has a very beautiful city centre that is very easy to walk around in. I was a bit disappointed that the chocolate experience was not opened and that the Art of Banksy was so lame, but other than that is was a lovely weekend.

We stayed at the Hyllit hotel, which is in the diamond area near the gorgeous and very famous central station of Antwerp. It was a nice hotel, it had a nice but very cold swimming pool, some sauna thingies (I think) and a good gym that I did not use cause I was there for relaxation, not sports! 😉 But of course the trip was not about being inside the whole time, so we went to the city to shop some Lush, of course, and some cool postcards and books at this cute gift store. We walked around a lot, for hours and hours, and we ate a lot near the cathedral, which looks amazing in both daylight and nighttime.

In the evening we wanted to eat Vietnamese food, but the first restaurant only had room for 10 people, I kid you not, and then we went to this place R knew, so after walking in the rain, way too late in the evening, we arrived at the place he knew, and then as soon as we saw the menu he was like: huh, I swear they used to have Vietnamese food?! They had a new owner and now they served all kinds of Asian food EXCEPT for Vietnamese food, which was very confusing as the place was at the same location, had the same name, had Vietnamese art on the walls and had a Vietnamese name. Very odd, but also kinda funny after all.

We walked a lot, I did not eat as much chocolate as I was afraid I would (still trying to diet) and I really enjoyed the town and the presence of R. One of the statues in the town that really stood out to me was the one with this little kid and his dog under a blanket of street stones, really adorbs. ❤ If you have never been to Antwerp, I highly recommend it, especially for shopping it is a great city, as they can get a lot more out of their tourism as they do right now. Look at how beautiful it is:

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