The Art of Banksy is lame

Hihi, please be aware of the capital A in the title of this article. The art of Banksy is not lame, the Art of Banksy is lame. That little capital makes the difference between what Banksy does, and the exhibition that is currently travelling through Europe. The funny thing is that I wanted to go to this expo in The Netherlands, but I never did cause somehow I also found it a bit un-Banksy πŸ˜‰ When R and I were in Antwerp though, we decided to go as the chocolate experience was not open.

First of all, we were both very shocked by the price of it. It is not like a museum which costs about 10-15 euros, it is more like a themepark or zoo : 20 euros! When you go to a themepark or zoo you can walk around all day and enjoy yourself, but I think we were only at the Art of Banksy for 20 minutes or so. Maybe that is because we already knew a lot about Banksy cause we have seen the documentaries (or we think we know a lot about him, her or them πŸ˜‰ ) but even without knowing a lot, there was not that much to look at, there was a lot of repetitiveness and it was simply not a nice location (the attic of the Stadsfeestzaal).

We were both very disappointed by The Art of Banksy, which is too bad cause we both really like what he/she/they do(es). It felt a bit weird to go to the expo anyway, as this seems something that Banksy would not really appreciate (or would he/she/they? > I’m gonna go with he from now on) and I was not really sure what this curator Steve Lazaridis’ relationship was to Banksy. It is all a bit weird and vague, but that is very Banksy in a way too.

I love Banksy pieces with rats and against world problems, but I do not really like how he keeps on dissing Disney. I am not entirely sure why he does it, but besides the whole Dismal world he has made so much more art with Mickey ears and other Disney references and as a Disniac I think that is a bit hard, and harsh to be fair. I understand Disney is the biggest brand in the world, or one of them at least, and that is an easy target, especially cause they do cause a lot of consumerism, but on the other hand: there is so much more to Disney.

The expo was really sucky, and I would never have gone, had I known about the lameness beforehand. I recommend you all to watch Banksy Does New York.

Anyway, both R and I got really inspired to make our own art, so hopefully in a few weeks I will get to share some graffiti pieces (on canvas!) of my own. The subject? Unicorns, of course..

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