Review – Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Even though I should not spend any money, when I saw the In Your Dreams box at Lush I could not help but buy it. It has two bath things in it: Cupid Bath Bomb and Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. As I love bubble bars more than anything (okay, chocolate goes first 😉 ), I wanted to try, and obviously because unicorns are awesome, which is why I named my blog something with unicorn. And the place I was born has a unicorn as a symbol, so yeah.

Anyway, the Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar looks really cool, it has glitters all over and colors! Yay! I could not help but put the horn on my head for just one selfie.. But then it was time to crumble it in the running bath water, so the foam would emerge. And it did, holy moly. Though I thought there would be glitter everywhere, it is only on the outside. It took a while for the bath water to become one color, but of course (and thank god) it was pink. I really liked the color of the bath water, which was very girlie and a lot better than the extreme redness we had thanks to Father Christmas, hihi.

I was very happy with the huuuuge mountains of foam, but I missed a strong smell. That was a pity, cause the smell was supposed to be lavender to make me sleep well, and there is neroli in there which should fire up the serotine levels in your brain, which makes you extra happy. I did not really feel that, to be honest, but I did enjoy opening the package, taking a selfie with the beautiful looking Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and playing around with the foam. The bath water looked amazing, but it could do with an a little bit stronger fragrance.


Unicorns unite!

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