Review – TonyMoly I’m Real Broccoli Mask Sheet

Sheet masks are always weird to me, which explains why the picture with this blog is so crazy. I am actually surprised it is so big, as it is bought on a Korean make up website. It is the brand called Tony Moly, from the series I’m Real the Broccoli Mask Sheet which should give your skin some vitality. I must say, I do not really feel that vitality, I have a pretty dry skin thanks to the winter and the mask did not really help.

Mostly I was just laughing because it looks so silly. I also did not really find the connection to broccoli, apart from the amazing packaging of course, cause that is mainly why I bought this. By the way, I see that these masks get sold for insane prices sometimes: do not pay 5 euros for one please. You can get 10 or 12 for 10 US dollars.


So broccoli, not so much: it is not green, it does not smell like broccoli, so I was not sure why this was broccoli. No, I did not taste the mask! 😉 Apparently there are a lot of antioxidants in the mask, and I must say I did see that my skin was a bit more shiny, instead of as matte as it sometimes can be during winter. So maybe the goal of the thing was to make the skin more vibrant, instead of taking care of the dry skin, and if that is true, then it worked!

Did my skin feel super different after using the mask? No, but as said it did look a bit more shiny and bright instead of just pale and matte, hihi. I would like to have it a bit more broccoli, although that can go crazy too quickly too! I am curious about all the other Tony Moly masks I have, but I keep on feeling weird with that sheet mask on, what do you think? 😛


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